Site Purpose/Objective - 10th May 2009 (Ratheart)

Astonia Resource Library is an online help guide for Mercenaries of Astonia V2. The original V2 server died in 2002 when Daniel Brockhaus closed the server and pushed forward to release Astonia V3. In 2003 Daniel Brockhaus started sell licenses to Astonia V2 to dedicated players that did not want the game to die, due to this the game has been revived.
There are now multiple servers that have branced off in different direction and added onto V2 in their own unique ways. You can view these servers by proceeding to the Server page via the Menu.

This site is designed to hold information for the original Astonia V2, any information that has been added to newer servers will not be added.
Navigation on most pages can be done by the skull candles, simply move your mouse over the direction you wish to scroll.